FYT Protein Water, what is it and who needs it?

What is FYT Protein Water?

FYT Protein Water is unflavored whey protein powder*, mixed with filtered water, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes and real fruit juice added for flavor.  

Protein shakes have been a big part of the protein supplement market for many years, however that market experiencing a shake-up with a relatively new concept, Protein Infused Waters! There’s no mixing, no clumps and no more chalky flavors. Experience a better way to get your protein with easy-to-drink Protein Waters in great tasting flavors like FYT Protein Water’s  Mixed Berry &  Orange Mango!

Why do you need Protein Water?

FYT Protein Water is really great for anyone, regardless of age or activity level.

Protein waters can vary from 7-40grams of protein per serving. The ideal amount amount is 15grams (FYT Protein Water is 15 grams). 7 grams of protein isn’t really enough for muscle recovery and 40grams is a bit gimmicky since it is likely not  going to absorb by the body.

What other benefits does FYT Protein Water provide?

FYT Protein Water stands out among the competition because it is more than just a protein supplement. In addition to FYT Protein Water’s15g of high-quality whey protein isolate, FYT adds a significant amount of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes to provide energy and fuel your body. It’s also a great option to just increase vitamins and nutrients and of course protein into your daily diet.

  How much protein you should be consuming?

 The DRI (Dietary Reference Intake) says that the average adult needs 0.36 grams of protein per pound or 0.8 per kilogram. That’s about 56 grams per day for the average man and about 46 per day for the average woman. Click this link to access a protein intake calculator to see how much you should be consuming!

Who needs FYT Protein Water?  The quick answer is everyone! Every human cell in the body contains protein. Everyone needs to ingest protein to help the body repair and produce new cells. Men, women, children, elderly, athletes, weekend warriors – pretty much everyone needs protein to survive – FYT Protein Water is a great way to get 15 or 30 grams a day, with no mixing of powders and best of all it tastes great!

*some use blends with collagen, which is NOT beneficial to muscle recovery